Developmental Editing

You’ve done it! Your draft is ready for the next step.

During this stage, we’ll work on some necessary structure and content issues. This is before you hire an editor. After the analysis and commentary, you’ll have some revisions to make and sections to tighten and clarify.

We’ll work together, so expect e-mails back and forth as we get your story ready for the next item on your agenda: copyediting or line editing. 

Click on the tabs below to see many of the items we’ll cover during the developmental process.

Offering critique and analysis of Form, Style, and Structure, including Plot, Character, Thought/Theme, Language, Melody, Spectacle.

Coaching includes suggestions and guidance about character development, goals, obstacles, secondary characters, use of dialogue and sensory description, narrative voice, pacing, and tone.

We’ll cover:

Preparation:  The setting, where are we, who are we, and why today. This is where we meet the protagonist and learn the time period, location, and genre.

Attack: Let’s meet the antagonist. What’s the problem in the story? The MDQ (major dramatic question).

Struggle: How do the protag and antag duke it out? Don’t make it too easy for our protag to win.

Turn: The MDQ is answered in this section. Who won, at what cost, and what are the ramifications of that resolution?

Outcome: The ending sigh, the return to stasis, and possibly a hook to the next book.

If all goes well, you’ve got a story with PASTO! (Lower calorie than pasta.)


Fill out the below form, and let’s get started!

Developmental Editing
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