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Skye Bridge Publishing, skyebridgepublishing.comSkye Bridge Publishing / Smith Bridge Press is a small press for the busy writer.

The road to self-publishing is long but rewarding. SBP was formed to help you, the self-published author, through the steps needed to get your book into print and into the hands of readers. How much help you need is up to you. Just editing? Great! Check out the pages here on line editing or developmental coaching and editing. Or do you also need assistance with page formatting, ISBNs, registration, InDesign print layout, e-book formatting,  cover recommendations, uploading to Ingram, and title maintenance. Let’s get your book ready for distribution. Contact SBP at to discuss your project.

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Embracing Willendorf by H . Byron Ballard
Embracing Willendorf by Byron Ballard
This is a saga both serious and ridiculous of how the author came to love her body and listen to it, even when it whispered nonsensical things.  Embracing Willendorf: A Witch’s Way of Loving Your Body to Health and Fitness is a kind of memoir, a story of walking and pondering, of thongs and tight Levis.  And it is about transformation. About choosing to be healthier and achieving that through a wonderfully simple idea—that when we love our bodies, we will do what we need to do to nourish these exquisite and beautiful machines. Try out the tasty and healthy recipes in the back, then pick up a few rather naughty books from the suggested reading list. Because once you start loving your body, all sorts of interesting opportunities may present themselves. This book is your personal recipe with the ingredients for living a rich and vibrant life—and perhaps discovering your true self in the process. Embrace your life and your strong physical self. Embrace your Willendorf.

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Cover Art by Susan McBride

Now available:

After years of pondering, Byron Ballard has written a primer for the kind of magic she practices. Driven to it by colleagues, friends and students, writing this little book is an act of stubborn devotion to a fading culture. This deceptively simple system of folk magic has come down to modern Southern culture through the immigrants and natives who called these blue hills home. Written in an easily accessible style and filled with insights and stories, Staubs and Ditchwater: a Friendly and Useful Introduction to Hillfolks’ Hoodoo is part memoir, part workbook.

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Scriptwriting Structure: To-the-Point Pointers by Bob May

Scriptwriting StructureBob May has spun Aristotle’s theories and modern practices together to form his own structural techniques that have led to twenty-five of his scripts being published and hundreds of productions around the world. The right-to-the-point nature of the storytelling will make you feel as though Mr. May is talking directly to you, teaching his valuable lessons on:

  • illustrating what dramatic action is
    understanding the importance of character objectives in scripts
    using proper formatting in plays or screenplays
    understanding and using a script structural technique known as PASTO
    applying Aristotle’s Six Key Elements in the writing of scripts
    how to be a better playwright or screenwriter

Writing scripts that work can be a solitary business, but with this book, you have a friend by your side.

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 Asfidity and Mad-Stones by H. Byron Ballard

Asfidity and Mad-Stones H. Byron BallardSharing these practices and this beloved but fading culture has led me far afield, teaching and speaking. I’ve rambled from the bayous of Louisiana to the ruined hills of West Virginia, and from Memphis to Glastonbury in search of stories and materials and ways of doing. There are so many old ideas newly integrated into my personal practice and my teaching – enough to fill a book. And here it is. May you remember well and enjoy this next journey.

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The Process of Play Directing: From Concept to Curtain by Bob May

The Process of Play DirectingBob May, director of over 450 plays, and forty-eight years of theatrical experience, shares his winning directorial process in an easy-to-read, exciting way. Using examples from productions he directed, Bob starts from choosing a concept and works his way through to the curtain going up on opening night. He closes the book with tips he has learned over his half century in the theatre.
In these pages you will learn how to:
– analyze the playwright’s words
– visually show what it verbally happening
– make the script your own by conceptualizing it
– utilize actors’ time efficiently
– trust your support team
– research scripts and playwrights

The theatre is a collaborative art, with the director at the helm. If you want to be the best at guiding each script you direct to opening night, this book is for you.

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Cover art by Gustav Carlson


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