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There are just never enough books. Well, here is a place to get to know the wonderful authors who write them. Visiting authors share their characters, setting, and snippets of stories. And some have tucked in a giveaway. Brew up some coffee or tea and enjoy. Feel free to comment on the posts and visit the authors’ links. They would love to hear from you! 



Kate Parker Deadly Fashion the Editing Pen post

Research tips for a cozy mystery and what not to bring to the British Library

Author Kate Parker shares some valuable research tips - and what not to bring to the British Library. Visit her ...
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Alba is Mine by Jen Black

Researching locations – by Author Jen Black

Author Jen Black is here to talk about accuracy in her story's locations. Researching Locations by Author Jen Black I ...
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Summers of Fire

Writing a relatable memoir – by Linda Strader

Author Linda Strader is here to talk with us about writing memoirs and Summers of Fire. Check out her bio ...
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Your story’s pacing – by author Rae Franklin James

Is your middle feeling sluggish? The middle of your manuscript, I mean. It could be your pacing. Read on to ...
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A Big “What If” with Gerry Schmitt

Do you look around during the day and wonder what if? What if that happened, what if people really had ...
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Gilian Baker shows us how the magic is in the process

Do you have a set routine to get you going on that first draft? How do you handle a twist ...
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Diana Paul is Loving the Dark Side

How flawed is your character? We want our characters to be real, flawed, and complex. So where do you draw ...
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Julie’s Coffee Cup with a Dollop of Granny

Granny, Julie, and Coffee by Julie Seedorf, Author of the Fuschia, Minnesota Mysteries I can’t imagine a life without coffee ...
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Authors Thorne and Cross – A Gothic Recipe for Horror

Have I got a gothic recipe for you. Who doesn't love a good dose of goose bumps and a bit ...
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A Writer’s Business Plan by Tiffany Shand

Do you have a business plan for your writing business? Tiffany Shand has a new book out to help us ...
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Catherine Kullmann brings us into Regency England

What a delight to have Catherine Kullmann stop by and bring us the flavors of Regency England. Settle in with a proper cup of ...
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Southern Fried with Sheriff Kenni Lowry and Tonya Kappas

I feel so loved when authors drop by with a special gift. Tonya Kappas, author of Southern Fried, brought me ...
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Short Story Publishing Guidebook

So you've got a short story you want published? Author T. C. Michael dropped by to reveal his new guidebook ...
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Vicki Delany is Researching Location, Location, Location.

It's Elementary! Location, location, location. How do you research the location for your novels? The community, village, small-town atmosphere? Do you ...
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D. Grant Smith’s Book Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Welcome D. Grant Smith to the ePen Guest Room! Grant stopped by to tell us about his new book The ...
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Quirky Characters and Bound to the Truth

I invited Lisa Brunette to come over and chat about quirky characters and her new book Bound to the Truth ...
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Beyond Dead with Bridget Sway

I recently had a little conversation with Beyond Dead's not-so-alive character. Have you met Bridget Sway? Read about her thoughts on just ...
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Grabbing Inspiration for The Saga of Elizabeth Blackwell

Robert Nordmeyer, Author of  The Other Side of Courage – The Saga of Elizabeth Blackwell, chats with ePen about authors finding ...
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Midsummer Night's Mischief

The Magic of Writing a Midsummer Night’s Mischief

The Magic of Writing a Midsummer Night's Mischief By Jennifer David Hesse There’s something magical about writing. By stringing words ...
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Read to Death

Read ’em and Eat, Golf, Panic, How-to Books, and Writing

What a treat to have Terrie Moran stop by ePen and tell us a bit about her writing style. And ...
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The Semester of our Discontent

Cynthia Kuhn’s Revising Revisions

Cynthia Kuhn's Semester of our Discontent Cynthia Kuhn strolled by, and we had a lovely chat about revisions, revising, and ...
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